Today’s companies are required to cultivate structures, conditions and skills that allow for employees to engage innovatively with and adapt to a fast paced and dynamic environment. Leadership in these circumstances is becoming ever more complex and demanding. To co-create the engaging relationships and the availability of the skills needed to solve contentious problems, leaders require a high level of awareness, inner clarity, mental flexibility, emotional intelligence and resonating communication skills – they require mindfulness.


Mindfulness is a quality of attention where we see things more clearly, including the workings of our mind and their impact on our actions and decisions. Instead of being driven by habitual concepts and emotions, the clarity and compassion that emerge from mindfulness allow us to be more present and responsive with ourselves and others. Mindfulness enables a more intelligent and balanced use of our inner and outer resources, leading to more satisfaction and better results.


As a skill, mindfulness can be trained. We learn to


  • direct our attention and stay both focused and receptive
  • adapt to change quickly
  • learn from our experience and use our intuition
  • be resilient to physical and emotional distress
  • bring compassion to ourselves and others – increasing overall health and satisfaction


A set of simple yet powerful techniques that can easily be incorporated into the workplace help leaders develop mindfulness and bring it step-by-step into their lives, their leadership and their organization.


This 8-step training program is taught in cooperation with the Institute for Mindfulness. If you are interested in learning more please get in touch with us.