Mindful Leadership
Leadership is becoming ever more demanding and complex, with classical management techniques coming up against their limits. Pressure to succeed in a fast changing environment require a high level of inner clarity, flexibility and balance – they require mindfulness.

In an eight-week course with weekly sessions of 1.5 to 2.5 hours, you will learn how to

  • Step out of autopilot and gain more inner flexibility
  • Better understand the working of your mind and develop the clarity you need for your decisions
  • Deal with challenges in a more resource-oriented way
  • Strengthen your self-leadership skills
  • Cultivate a new culture of communication and cooperation


The course is based on Mark William’s (University of Oxford) Finding Peace in a Frantic World, an evidence-based program taught in organizations around the world.


All courses are offered in cooperation with the Institute for Mindfulness and can be as large as 25 participants.

Work environments driven by constant change and pressure to perform run the danger that individuals get caught in fire fighting activities instead of setting new directions. Stagnation, dissatisfaction and burnout often result.


Together with the Institute for Mindfulness, we assist you in establishing mindfulness in your organization, with the goal of enhancing employee satisfaction and health.


Our mindfulness courses are based on Mark William’s (University of Oxford) best-selling program, Finding Peace in a Frantic World, which is taught successfully around the world.

Mindfulness in Berlin
I regularly offer eight-week mindfulness courses in Berlin. The courses are based on MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy) and aimed at anyone who would like to learn mindfulness meditation and bring more joy and poise to their lives.


If you would like to be informed about new mindfulness courses in Berlin, please drop me a note.


Individual mindfulness sessions: If you are interested in mindfulness but don’t have the time to participate in an eight-week course, you can book individual sessions that fit your personal time schedule. If you would like further information on individual mindfulness sessions, please contact me.


Courses are offered in German and English.

Leadership Development
Effective leadership requires self-leadership as well as people development. In this leadership program you will learn how to

  • Create effective working relationships
  • Clearly communicate goals and expectations
  • Lead by listening
  • Coach and develop others
  • Communicate in difficult situations
  • Make time for leadership
Leading Global Teams
Leading global teams can be challenging. Team members typically come from different cultural contexts and time zones, bring different expectations and working styles to the table, and operate in complex matrix structures. Communication happens almost exclusively via email and web conference. In order to lead global teams successfully, we need to be able to

  • Build trust and gain commitment over distance
  • Adopt to different planning and decision making styles
  • Deal with high levels of ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Create synergies


Workshops and coaching tailored to your specific leadership situation will help you develop these competencies.


Optional: Utilization of the self-assessment tool The International Profiler (WordWork) to reflect your leadership style and develop competencies for your specific global assignments.

International Teams
Global teams are more successful when team members meet at specific stages of their cooperation in order to strengthen relationships, clarify expectations and make sure that everyone is on the same page. Such face-to-face meetings will help carry your team through the challenges of working together over distances. Team workshop goals are

  • Getting to know your team and build trust
  • Reflecting on cultural and individual working styles and preferences
  • Defining shared values and goals for working together
  • Developing strategies for dealing with conflicts and difficult situations